Registration is Open

Dear Friends of Peace, Justice and the Environment,

The registration process for our International Conference Against US/NATO Military Bases in Dublin, Ireland, is now open.

You can participate and/or support this conference in several ways:

    1. By Registering and participating in the Conference: We have set up a sliding registration fees in order to make it possible for people with different levels of income to participate.
    2. By Endorsing the Conference: You or your organization can become an Endorser of the Conference by making a contribution to the Conference. Conference Endorsement includes a free registration and listing your name as an Endorser on our web site and in our Conference Program book.
    3. By Placing an Ad or Solidarity Message in our Conference Program Book: If you cannot participate in the Conference, you can still become a non-attending participant in the Conference by placing an Ad or solidarity message in our program book.
    4. By making a Generous Donation to the Conference: Holding such a Conference at the international level involves tens of thousands of dollars in costs. We hope that you help us cover these huge expenses by making a generous donation. If you live in the United States, your donations to this Conference will be tax-deductible.

    Please visit our website at and select your preferred way of supporting this unprecedented and historic Conference.

    Let us know that you are part of the global movement for peace and against military bases around the world.

    Please accept our most sincere thanks.

    Global Campaign Against US/NATO Military Bases

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