How the Tentacles of the US Military are Strangling the Planet

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Sad News: Okinawa’s Anti-Base Governor Dies of Pancreatic Cancer at 67

MATTHEW M. BURKE AND AYA ICHIHASHI | STARS AND STRIPES — Governor Onaga was swept into office in November 2014 on a wave of popular support. He defeated incumbent Hirokazu Nakaima by... Read more »

Tokyo to make military base plan ‘inevitable’ in Okinawa

THE ASAHI SHIMBUN, June 8, 2018 — The government in August plans to enter a point of no return in building a new U.S. military base in Okinawa Prefecture while taking the contentious issue off... Read more »

North Korea Issue is Not De-Nuclearization But De-Colonization

Ajamu Baraka, BAR editor and columnist, June 13, 2018 — Korea has historically played a significant role for the U.S. imperial project since the end of the Second World War.The emergent forces U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower... Read more »