Dublin Hotels

A. Hostels:
We have contacted three hostels near the Liberty Hall for those who prefer to stay in a hostel. All three are less than 5-6 minutes walk to the Conference Center in Liberty Hall. The rooms are for two, three, four and six people according to decisions made by the clients. Prices in these three hostels start from around 20 Euros per night per person. Below is the information for booking at these hostels:
1. The Spire Hostel (www.spirehostel.com) E-mail : reservations@spirehostel.com
    Phone: +353 1 8734173  Address: 90-93 Marlborough Str. Dublin 1.
    61/62 Lower Gardiner Street, Dublin 1.
3. Abigails (www.abigailshostel.com) stay@abigailshostel.com +353 1 677 9300
    7-9 Aston Quay, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.
B. Hotels:
If you like to book a hotel, please click on the image to open an active search and booking page.